Hey friends! My name is Emma James (she/they) and I am tattooer & queer person based in Toronto, ON. I've got ten years of tattoo experience (going strong since 2011 baby!) in every style you can think of. My strengths are traditional, neo-traditional, japanese, fine line, black & grey, and stipling styles. I have a lot of experience with both walk-ins and custom design work. Bring me your designs or your half-baked ideas and I can get it working! I'm flexible, dedicated to my craft, and overall just looking to giving you the best tattoo I can. Some of my creative inspirations include pulp sci-fi/fantasy novels, bronze age comic books, and botanical illustrations.

I have no interest in judging clients based on their bodies. Every body is beautiful & every body can have amazing looking tattoos (and anyone that tells you differently is a fucking liar). Similarly, I'm not here to judge your tattoo ideas. If you like it and you want it (and your over 18), I will give it to you! I strongly believe in bringing kindness and compassion to everything that I do (blame the Buddhist readings) and that extends to my tattooing. I want you to be excited when you walk into my shop and have a fun, memorable experience getting your tattoo.

My friend says I should tell you about myself so here I go: I have a puppy named Bruce and two cats (Frankie, Sirius) that don't get along so I live in chaos. To escape the chaos, I often bike around the city or pole dance in my living room. I'm a Second City alumni and unprofessional stand-up comedian in my spare time/ when we're allowed outside. I'm an art school drop out (but Philosophy major graduate, go figure) and you will often catch me drawing and painting in my spare time.

Head shot of Emma James in blue lighting wearing a vibrant pink shirt.